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More information the Shijiazhuang hospital

It's been 10 months since my transplant and I am doing well. After my rejection I had additional biopsies that have been perfect!  Unfortunately,  I have other conditions not related to kidney disease that have kept me from a full active recovery. I'm unable to resume may of the activities that I did prior to going on dialysis. (hiking, zumba, golf, etc.), but keep busy with other things. The best part is NO MORE DIALYSIS.

I have received hundreds of emails from people all over the world asking about the Shijiazhuang hospital in China. This hospital can not cure kidney disease. All their claims are false. Here's a link that indicates that there is no scientific evidence that their treatments are effective.

Thanks to all my family and friends, and all the people that have contacted me through this blog. FYI  – I've have yet to receive an email that indicates that the Chinese treatment works.



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Borderline Kidney Rejection Episode

I would like to thank my family and friends for the tremendous support that I have received since my kidney transplant. Bob stayed with me for 3 weeks following the transplant. He was driving me to clinic twice a weeks, shopping for groceries, and being Nurse Bob.  Eric has been a tremendous help in taking me to the hospital on several occasions and staying in Carlsbad until I become stable. Many people have driven me to doctors appointments, provided fabulous meals, sent cards, gifts, plants and written emails – the outpouring is overwhelming and for this I am eternally grateful. I hope that I can offer this same support to everyone in the future. At this point, I am mobile again and can drive to appointments and shopping. I've started going out to eat and maybe will attend a few events. I still need to worry about germs and infections so I need to be careful.

Mark is doing well back in Palatine and has almost totally recovered from his operation. Mark's family, Marla, Ben and Leah and Marla's family have been supportive of the entire paired exchange program since we decided to enter the program. The gift of life is a wonderful thing.

My PD catheter has been removed – so no more dialysis. I can now go swimming again. Too bad it's winter.

Now for the not so good news…..Although things seemed to be progressing with my recovery, on Nov 11th,  following a routine kidney biopsy, the doctors determined that my body was beginning to reject the new kidney. They decided on an agressive treatment of predisone infusions over 5 days, then oral prednisone for 6 days. Although the intial result is positive, we won't know for several weeks whether the treatment is working or whether the problem will recur. So the next few weeks and months will be a day-to-day monitoring situation with blood tests, biopsies, testing, etc.

The prognosis looks good. Rejection is common after the first month following a transplant. The treatment works in 70% of the cases. So I'm staying positive, following doctors orders, and trying to stay patient. (not my strong suit)

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New kidney is Working great!

Yesterday I received a kidney from a total stranger.How awesome is that. And my son Mark made it  happen by donating a kidney to complete the pair. In total, 4 people donated a kidney to 4 recipients. Eight operations over 2 days. I

The transplant team at Scripps Green Hospital in La Jolla CA did a fantastic job. I am in the ICU and will move to a regular room this afternoon. Everything is going as planned. My creatinine level went from 5.6 to 2.3 in a day. I feel so much better. I hope to see Mark after I change rooms.

No more dialysis! 



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Transplant set for Oct 10th

Scripps has set the date of Mark and my surgeries for Oct 10th. As we learned from past experience, there could be last minute changes or cancellations. We all hope that no one gets sick in the next 2 weeks!

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Kidney Transplant Recheduled for early October

Unfortunately the kidney transplants for Aug 27-28, 2014 were postponed due to issues with some of the recipients involved in the exchange. These issues have been resolved, and the transplants are now scheduled for Oct 7, 8, 9  with the same 8 people.  At this time I don't know the exact date of my operation or Mark's operation. Scripps says these dates are solid, but I have learned that everything can change at the last minute.

Stay tuned for more information!

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I’m Getting a Kidney Transplant

Fast forward 10 months…………..I finally getting a kidney! This is unbelievable news. The Organ Transplant Group at Scripps Green Hospital in La Jolla, CA have scheduled a paired exchange with 4 couples. Mark Bradley and I are one of the "couples".  Four donors will donate 4 kidneys to 4 recipients in 8 operations on Aug 26 and Aug 28, 2014.  It's mind boggling. Hats off to the people at Scripps for organizing this exchange. Mark is not a blood type match to me, so he can not donate a kidney to me. Mark Bradley will be donating a kidney to one of the recipients, and I will receive an "O" kidney from one of the donors.

I found out a few weeks ago that this was in the works. After some addition testing, everything is currently a go. I've been warned that sometimes " stuff happens" and a delay or cancellation is a possibility – but we're all keeping our fingers crossed. Currently, my operation and Mark's operation are scheduled for Aug 28th.

Bob Bradley will be the caretaker for me and will stay for 2-3 weeks after the operation. Marla Bradley will be Mark's caretaker and will stay about a week after Mark's operation. Eric and Fideli Bradley will also be helping with the caretaker duties.

This journal will be updated with new posts if anything changes. New posts will be added after the operation regarding the Mark and my status. Mark should be out of the hospital by Aug 30 and I should be out on Aug 31, if all goes well.

I expect that this will be a life changing event. I will be closely monitored by the Transplant Team for a few months. I'll be on imummosuppresant drugs for the rest of my life to keep my body from rejecting the kidney. Now for the gory part —- during kidney transplant surgery, the donor kidney is placed in my lower abdomen. Blood vessels of the new kidney are attached to blood vessels in the lower part of my abdomen, just above my right leg. The new kidney's ureter is connected to my bladder. For the time being, my kidneys will be left in place. They may be removed at a later time if they are causing any problems.

I'm looking forward to life without dialysis!

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Accepted into Paired Exchange Program

After 5 months of medical testing, committee approvals, and paperwork, my donor (my son) and I have been accepted into the Paired Exchange Program at Scripps Green Hospital in La Jolla, CA.  I am waiting for the  first computer match run to determine if there is an immediate match. This is highly unlikely – the wait for a match for type O blood is 6-8 months. But you never know. Unfortunately, my numbers are getting worse (creatinine is 4.2 and GFR is 10)  and the doctors are recommending dialysis. I had hoped that I would get a transplant and wouldn’t have to go on dialysis, but that doesn’t appear likely. I have chosen peritoneal dialysis instead of  hemodialysis. I will be having the procedure for inserting the peritoneal catheter in a early December.  Training will follow in a few weeks.

Since I started this blog, I have received over 100 responses from people with kidney disease around the world.  Thanks to all that responded.  Many of the people indicated that they would not be going to China for treatment based on results of my experience.  I am grateful that I was able to save many people valuable time and money on a treatment that does not work. 

A month ago, a new website appeared at  Although their name is never mentioned,  this website is for the Shijaizhuang Kidney Hospital. I recognize the doctors and patients from their photos and videos. The video that I made while I was at the hospital is not on the website. However, my friend Walt’s video is on the site. They have edited his video to remove all the negative things that he said and only show the positive.  I have heard from Walt, and he received no improvement from the treatment.

Also, there is no mention of stem cell treatment on the new website.  I am not surprised, since the Chinese Government has banned many of the stem cell clinics in China. But they have done nothing to enforce the ban. Here’s some links.

I’d be interested in knowing  if the Shijaizhuang Kidney Hospital is still offering stem cell treatment even though it is not on the website. Let me know……





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Three Month Status

Unfortunately I have to report that there has been no improvement in my PKD after three months of treatment at home. Currently my creatinine is 3.0- the highest it’s ever been. In the past few months, there has been lots of  questions and comments about the Shijiazhuang Kidney Hospital on the Internet – particularly on Facebook and Almost all of the comments are negative.

The truth about this hospital needs to be communicated to the people who are desperately searching for a treatment for Polycystic Kidney Disease.

Check out the following links. – lots of different posts


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Six Week Post China Status

I’ve been home for 6 weeks and have been following the recommended treatment prescribed by the doctors at Shijiazhuang Kidney Hospital. The treatment includes micro-Chinese osmotherapy twice a day, and oral medication three times a day (Allopurinol, Aldehyde and ShenshuaiNing). Last week I had a blood test, which showed a -.06 change in my creatinine level (2.96) since June 8.

For those of you that are interested in the numbers, the Chinese took two blood tests while I was in China- Jun 17 and Jul 11. The numbers from China are significantly lower than the numbers from the US.

Jun 8, 2012 Jun 17, 2012 Jul 11, 2012 Aug 15, 2012
US China China US
Creatinine 2.96 2.59 2.37 2.9
BUN 69 20.7 15 55
GFR 16 16

I really don’t know what to think about these results. On the positive side, there is no change, which indicates some level of stability.  Since Dec 2011, my creatinine has risen an average of .10 per month, so no increase for 2 months is good (but not that good).

I have emailed the Chinese doctors and they are positive regarding my condition. They say that the effects of stem cell therapy will appear within 6 months. During the first months the micro-Chinese medicine helps the kidneys remove toxins, improve blood circulation, and increase immunity. I should avoid getting a cold, and tiredness!

If only it were that easy….. I feel more tired and weak since I returned than before I left.  Something’s happening but I’m not sure what. I looking for a new nephrologist, one that is open minded regarding alternative treatment.


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Coming Home after 25 days

This will be my last post from China. I will be adding an additional post after I’m home for a few days. Thanks to everyone for your encouraging emails. It was great hearing from so many of my friends and relatives and helped keep me focus on the reasons that I came to China.

I have received the results of my final tests. My numbers have improved, but not significantly. However, they say that stem cells results are not immediate and take three months. Also I will be doing osmotherapy at home and taking Chinese medicine pills for 3 months. I had to buy another suitcase to take the osmo machine and medicine home on the plane. The hospital Mini Mart has quite the selection of suitcases – how convenient ! (It was only $20). The hospital also gave me a letter to present to US customs to explain the medicine and machine. I hope there will be no problems at LAX.

Today we went to Zheng Ding, a 1000 year old walled city about 35 minutes from the hospital. Kirt and Ivy, the Phillipinos, and an interpreter also went on the excursion. We had a great time walking around, posing for pictures, and looking at the temples, gardens, ponds, and buddhas. We got some wonderful pics, which I’ll be posting on this blog. We ate at restaurant that was recommended by the taxi drive. It was “really authentic”, and the steamed buns were fabulous.

Leaving at 5:30AM tomorrow morning.
I’m out here!!!!!!